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Rules and Procedures

Rules & Proceedures

The Regional OSAKA International Music Competition for Piano (ROIMC for Young Artists) is an International competition for pianists.  The goal of this competition is to find a number of artists from around the world and help them to compete in an international setting. The OSAKA International Music Competition is dedicated to promoting arts and culture under the banner of world peace and mutual understanding.

Contestants are selected in two categories: General Division and Collegiate divisions.

After a screening process, up to 20 contestants will be accepted to participate in the Regional competition and their names will be announced to the public.  

Contestants must assume financial responsibility for travel to and from Atlanta, Georgia.  Practice facilities will be provided for the day of the regional competition. One parent/legal guardian must accompany each contestant in the High School division.

All works are to be performed from memory.

Repertoire must be followed from the requirements of the OSAKA International Music Competition. (Please refer to Repertoire section.)

Submitted repertoire is subject to approval by the competition committee.

The competition will consist of the following separate rounds:

  1. Preliminary Round: maximum of 10 contestants from each division will be selected to go to the Regional Round in Atlanta, Georgia, on Saturday, May 20, 2023.

  2. Final Round: 3 finalists from the Regional Round in each division will go to the Final Round in Osaka, Japan, (To be determined).


The names of the contestants for the Preliminary Round will be announced on the website: without regard to rank.  After the Regional Round is completed, the names of the winners will be announced in order of rank.

Jury members will not have any contact with contestants during the competition.

Jury members will not discuss their opinions and/or decisions regarding proceedings, marks, or rankings outside the jury room.

The decision of the jury is final and not subject to questions, revisions, or appeals.

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